This is Lindsey!

Hi, I’m Lindsey Austinson. I’m a product designer and strategist who helps people make things that go on the internet. I’m often found drinking coffee, painting my nails, or with my nose in a book. My husbanddogcat, and I reside in lovely Portland, Oregon.

I started Miss Venn to celebrate the wide variety of loves that I’ve found in my life. For years I’ve followed lifestyle, design, & technology blogs separately but I don’t often come across those that combine all three. So here’s Miss Venn! It’s a collection of my femme-, nerd-, designer-, developer-, reader-, writer-self. When I’m not writing posts and tinkering with WordPress (so much tinkering) I am a user experience designer, wife, and pet mom.

At work

Lindsey, at work

My day job combines design, research, and intuition to help make better software at the Portland New Relic office. In the past I’ve worked with teams ranging from startups to fortune 500 companies to make sure that customers are considered in every step of the design and development process. It’s a super rewarding job! I get to talk to all sorts of people, from business experts all the way to server-side engineers to end consumers, and there is always something new to learn. Hopefully I can share my growth as a designer here to help you grow too! You can read more about the work that I do on my portfolio.



Thanks so much for joining me at Miss Venn!

xo, Lindsey


Disclaimer: Miss Venn is my personal blog and all opinions here are my own. Miss Venn does not represent the views of any companies or organizations that I am associated with. Occasionally I may use affiliate links to generate a bit of extra change. I promise to only link to products that I use and love!