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Deep Triangles

Deep Triangles

I’m not sure how many manicures I’ve done recently in this style—a deep triangle over white—but it’s a lot. I love that it’s an easy shape to make with tape but always looks stunning, especially with a high contrast polishes.

This was the first time that I’ve cracked open Zoya’s Julieanne and have to admit I found it disappointing. The formula is much thinner than my other Zoya polishes and was tricky to apply evenly. Zoya describes the polish as “purple sparkles with gold, peach and yellow-green duochrome” which is technically true, but the duochrome effect is hard to spot unless you’re in direct sunlight. It’s still a lovely deep purple though! Just not as stunning as some of the other Zoya glitters.

Deep Triangles Polish

New season, new job, new goals.

New season, new job, new goals

photo via rodneykeeling

New job day! Hard to believe it’s here already. Starting a new job in September feels just like going back to school again. Even more so this time because of the unplanned sabbatical that the summer months have been. Summer vacation is over kids! Back to the desks we go.

New-school-year-jitters aside, I’m so excited to be joining R/GA! I’ve never worked for a company so large or so well-known within the design community. What I’ve gathered about their culture so far is that my new teammates value hard work, growth, and finding solid solutions to design problems. All things I value, so I think we’ll fit together well.

Any time I start a new job I like to take a moment to reflect on where I can grow during and after the transition into a new role. Here are a few of the things I’m going to strive for this time ’round:

1. Build that network. I’ve talked before about how my introverted nature can keep me from networking well before. While at R/GA, and surrounded by all the amazing talent gathered there, I want to push myself to make connections with as many people as I can.

2. Make new habits. One of the benefits of getting caught in the upheaval that happens when starting are new job is that normal habits get rocked and are more easily broken. I need to eat a real breakfast in the morning, cut back on my screen time before going to sleep, and make more time for taking care of my health this fall.

3. Practice what I preach. I’ve been spending a lot of time being concerned and upset about the state of design and tech culture, but not a lot of time doing anything beyond griping about it online. (Which, for the record, is fine! Sometimes you need to gripe.) I’d like to spend time this fall doing more doing here in my local communityOne way of achieving this goal is helping other women explore technology with confidence, which is why I’m so excited about the Girl Develop It class I’m teaching at the end of the month. I’m actively looking for other ways to give back and help others grow in the coming months.

Making lists and setting goals always helps me feel more grounded and prepared for whatever lies ahead, which is a great way to start a new adventure.

What are your fall goals?

Happy Monday

This coming week is all about returning to office life for me. I can’t wait to meet all my new R/GA teammates! Normally I would have some links to share today but to be honest this past week has been a blur of getting all our unpacking done and enjoying the free time before getting back to work. Not much time left for finding interesting things to learn online! So, instead of things to read, here are some pretty things to look at:

Alyssa Steiner / Clare Freeman / Dominique Byron / Kathy Zheng / Valerie Jar

Thank you, August

Thank you, August

Are you ready for fall? I’m ready for fall. Sorry summer lovers, but I love my layers and boots and sweaters and cozy warm drinks! Portland’s summer has been stubborn this year which I keep reminding myself I’ll miss in a few months. Ah well.

And what a summer it’s been! During the past few months I’ve moved, got a new job, and attended a few conferences. Also this month marked Miss Venn’s official launch, hooray!

I’m always curious about how my favorite blogs are doing so I’ve decided to share a few of Miss Venn’s stats at the end of the month. Since this little corner of the ‘net launched on the 19th, 300 wonderful people have stopped by to see what’s going on. Most of those visitors arrived via Twitter—a whopping 84% of them in fact! The most popular posts in these past few weeks have been the launch announcement, the Monday when I mentioned that I’m joining R/GA and teaching for Girl Develop It, when I wrote about Gibbon, and this post about running post up workshops.

Thanks so much for following along this month! I’m so grateful for all the visits and shares. You’re the best!

Is there anything you’d like to see more of on Miss Venn? Let me know in the comments.

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