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Another year, another move! AJ and I have this habit of moving every 12-21 months and our time is up in a few days. It’s time to say goodbye to this little house and hello to a cute—and modern!—apartment up the street. There are a lot of issues with this house, but so much has changed since we’ve lived here I can’t help but be a bit sad. This is the home that we designed our wedding in, went from just together to together for ever, took naps, added (furry) family members, celebrated in… looking through this past year’s photos reminded me how much I have grown and changed just in this 12 month span. I guess this home was just what we needed to get through this year of change after all.

The new place will hopefully be just what we need to get through the next year’s slew of changes. It’s a little one-bedroom apartment with a great view of Portland’s classic craftsman roof peaks. It’s only a few blocks from a park, which Henry will be happy with, and has lots of amenities we’ve been missing like a dishwasher and proper air conditioning. Now we just have to get through the actual move! Wish us luck.

xo, Lindsey