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Welcome to Miss Venn

I’ve been a Tumblr user and lover since 2007. That’s a long time! It’s still a wonderful platform, one I plan to continue blogging with, but it feels like time to own my brain a bit more.

So welcome to here, I guess. Miss Venn! Miss Venn is basically Venn 2.0, with a snazzy new logo and name and look and everything. You’ll find content just like what I post on Tumblr, but with more of my own content and more lifestyle-y type stuff. I’ve blogged here for a short while in secret and am really digging WordPress 3.9. Finding and customizing a theme plus finding the right plugins kept me busy for a few days which was both fun and a good mental stretch. The last time I used WordPress it was slow and clunky, but it’s so much better now! The full screen writing mode is glorious (especially when paired with Chrome’s presentation mode) and I’m loving how the tiled gallery feature in Jetpack works.

If Tumblr offered paid plans with solid backups and exports this might not feel quite so necessary. I’m guessing the Yahoo acquisition took that off the table. I happily would have paid to ensure my data remained mine and wasn’t used for advertising or “engagement”, which seems to be the direction their team is heading in. Oh we’ll, it’s no use crying over spilt startups.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Tumblr is still a happy place for me. The Tumblr community is full of super nice people who post wonderful content all day long. I plan to continue posting there perhaps with more regularity, though definitely with less purpose. My Tumblr will hopefully become a place full of random gifs, random pretty things, and social justice rage, the way a Tumblr should be.

Anyway, I’m still tinkering here and deciding what I want this space to be, so be prepared for changes. Have amazing WordPress tips because you’re a pro? Send them my way!

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Hope you enjoy Miss Venn as much as I’ve enjoyed making it!

xo, Lindsey