Women Entrepreneurs Fight for Their Piece of the Pie

Data collected by PitchBook found only 13 percent of all venture capital deals in the United States went to women in 2013, a significant increase from the firm’s 2004 data that put the figure at 4 percent. But that still means 87 percent of deals are being given to all-male teams.

I could quote this whole article but instead I’ll just urge you to read it. While Newsweek is not the first publication to look at how tech investments heavily favor young, white men—See Model View Culture’s excellent Funding issue—this piece is still a thorough look at the problems facing VC.

Using Keynote to build effective wireframes

Keynote has recently become my wireframing tool of choice over industry standard Omnigraffle. I have a pretty solid collection of graffle stencils and templates that I can use and know all the keyboard shortcuts by heart. So why switch? It came down to what wireframes are for: a way to communicate complex interactions with different members of a team. The best wireframes only last a few days, as once the design process moves forward there is little need to refer to this early document. I’ve found the best wireframes are quick, rough, and made with as much collaboration as possible.

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