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Bright Simple Deco

Bright Simple Deco nail art on Miss Venn

Okay okay you have to get some nail vinyls if you haven’t seen them before. Really! Nail art necessity! I get my vinyls from for a few reasons. First of all, the owner Linda is a lovely person who seems to really enjoy what she does. Love it! Also her nail vinyls have always been super high quality. And they come in tons of shapes! If I haven’t convinced you yet I don’t know what will.

This manicure was made with the right angle vinyls which I hadn’t used before. It took a bit of work (and my non-dominant hand looks, uh, iffy) but I think it’s worth it in the end!

Bright Simple Deco nail art on Miss Venn with Butter London Cuppa and Slapper, plus nail vinyls from

Deep Triangles

Deep Triangles

I’m not sure how many manicures I’ve done recently in this style—a deep triangle over white—but it’s a lot. I love that it’s an easy shape to make with tape but always looks stunning, especially with a high contrast polishes.

This was the first time that I’ve cracked open Zoya’s Julieanne and have to admit I found it disappointing. The formula is much thinner than my other Zoya polishes and was tricky to apply evenly. Zoya describes the polish as “purple sparkles with gold, peach and yellow-green duochrome” which is technically true, but the duochrome effect is hard to spot unless you’re in direct sunlight. It’s still a lovely deep purple though! Just not as stunning as some of the other Zoya glitters.

Deep Triangles Polish

Moody ruffian

Moody Ruffian

Ruffians are a great way to add a bit of interest to an otherwise basic manicure. This one was inspired by the fall weather that I am so ready to be having. Bring on the deep purples, rich reds, and soft grays please!


  • OPI Nail Envy
  • Formula X Prime base coat
  • Essie Chinchilly
  • Essie Smokin’ Hot
  • Seche Vite top coat
Moddy Ruffian polishes: Essie's Chinchilly & Smokin' Hot


Meet an amazing indie polish brand, but first, a confession…

Okay so this is only a little embarrassing but my favorite TV show this summer is hands down Teen Wolf. It’s full of campy teen drama with tons of soul and I guess after three seasons I’m officially invested. What’s up with Lydia’s powers? Will Derek and Braeden continue to be adorable? Who is the Benefactor?! You get the picture, I’m a fan. So, imagine how excited I was to discover indie brand Fandom Cosmetics and their collection of Teen Wolf inspired polishes! Check out these lovely glitter-filled polishes that I wish were on their way to my door right this instant.


Teen Wolf not your thing? That’s okay, I understand! Fandom has polishes inspired by many of the nerd classic like Dr. Horrible, Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Harry Potter. What fandom do you have all the feels for?



The original plan for this week’s nail art was to play with some these new nail vinyls that arrived in the mail last week but, you know, life happened. So instead of starbursts and chevrons my digits are featuring a few super luxe polishes from Zoya. Monica is a rich deep purple that is perfect for fall. And how amazing is Maria Luisa on top?! Zoya describes Maria Luisa as a “gold cellophane accent topper” which is a boring way of saying “this polish will top off any manicure with beautiful elegance.” However you describe it, I’m sold!