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An easy way to keep distributed teams connected

Keeping design teams in sync around the world.

At New Relic, our product design team is distributed across three offices spread across the American west coast and Barcelona. We’re always looking for new ways to work together better across this geological and time zone divide. It’s crucial to our shared user experience vision that designers collaborate frequently, but it’s sometimes difficult to know who to pull in to what conversations or who to keep in the loop on what. Each designer is continuously learning and as the team grew in the last year, relying on word of mouth to share those experiences was breaking down. Plus, we were missing out on the shared team culture that comes with having us all co-located in one office, seeing each other every day.

In short, we needed a way to build a passive awareness of what everyone was doing, without adding too much overhead, new tools, or new process that might disrupt everyone’s work.

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Three things that save meetings from wasting time

How do you run efficient & effective meetings?

Picture this: you’ve been sitting in a meeting room with eight other people for an hour, talking in circles about an issue that was supposed to be solved 45 minutes ago. Two of the people in the meeting are looking at Twitter because this conversation has nothing to do with them, but they have other topics that need to be discussed. No one can move forward because this decision needs to be made, but the person who can really make a decision had a conflict and left 20 minutes ago.

Sounds kinda awful, right? This isn’t a great way to get things done yet it seems a lot of meetings end up this way. Where do things go wrong? How can they be better? I’ve been told that I run pretty okay meetings (a point of pride, to be honest!) so I decided to share what works for me.

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