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Finding a place in tech without writing a line of code

"What if I love being in tech, but don't love writing code?"

A short while ago a student asked me “What if I love being in tech but don’t love to write code? Is there a place for me?” It reminded me that there’s this perception that developers are the most valuable people on a tech team, but building a successful product definitely takes a village. There are a ton of different things that people do in tech to help make the digital products and services that we use everyday possible. Some of the non-programming jobs focus around design and content, others are more directly linked to development like quality assurance and technical management. Having at least a high-level understanding of each is super helpful no matter where on the team you sit, so I thought it might be helpful to look at a few of the more common non-development roles.

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Happy Monday

Welcome to a new week! Start your Monday with some good reads:

Top Ten Effect on Cognitive Lode.

If you haven’t run across Cognitive Lode before definitely check it out! They compile research about consumer psychology into nice bite-sized chunks. It’s perfect for helping to defend product decisions and to grow your product design intuition.

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