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Weekends are for tinkering

Spent the weekend working on some updates to my main website and am mighty proud of these link hovers. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make a design really work, you know?

I’m in the process of rebuilding that site to run off of Middleman instead of being pure HTML. The goal is to convert the small client blurbs into full case studies over the next month, and making each case study page as it’s own static markup just seemed silly. Middleman has been scary easy to work with so far! I’m still in the middle of things but am comfortable recommending it to anyone who wants their own site and has enough development knowledge to work with Ruby gems and such.

Shout out to my pal Kari Newhouse who brought up Middleman over coffee yesterday! It totally solved my portfolio-content-management woes!

Monday Morning Kickstart

Happy new week! Here are some links to get you through that first cup of coffee this morning:

UX Myths is a growing resource for data and articles about all sorts of common falsehoods. Definitely keep this one around for helping to defend design work.

How we Rethought Our Business Model in a Week explains how a small agency, Planetary, is exploring how to package their services up to be easier for both their team and their clients. This was especially inspirational for me, as I also offer packaged services instead of one standard consulting fee.

New to UX? How to Evaluate UX Jobs at Agencies vs Startups vs Big Companies looks at the differences in these three common types of companies.

Have a great Monday!


Adorable otter illustration by Teagan White.

Using Keynote to build effective wireframes

Keynote has recently become my wireframing tool of choice over industry standard Omnigraffle. I have a pretty solid collection of graffle stencils and templates that I can use and know all the keyboard shortcuts by heart. So why switch? It came down to what wireframes are for: a way to communicate complex interactions with different members of a team. The best wireframes only last a few days, as once the design process moves forward there is little need to refer to this early document. I’ve found the best wireframes are quick, rough, and made with as much collaboration as possible.

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