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Finding a place in tech without writing a line of code

"What if I love being in tech, but don't love writing code?"

A short while ago a student asked me “What if I love being in tech but don’t love to write code? Is there a place for me?” It reminded me that there’s this perception that developers are the most valuable people on a tech team, but building a successful product definitely takes a village. There are a ton of different things that people do in tech to help make the digital products and services that we use everyday possible. Some of the non-programming jobs focus around design and content, others are more directly linked to development like quality assurance and technical management. Having at least a high-level understanding of each is super helpful no matter where on the team you sit, so I thought it might be helpful to look at a few of the more common non-development roles.

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Monday Morning Kickstart

Can you believe that it’s the end of June already? I sure can’t! The past week was quite a blur. I attended AdaCamp and Open Source Bridge which were both super fun! I’ll have posts up this week talking about all the things I learned. In the meantime, check out these links to get your brain going on this last day of the month!

Learn more about designing with dynamic content using Brad Frost’s Pattern Lab.

Model View Culture published an excellent piece on why perks can be bad for company culture.

Read how one product manager communicates with his team more effectively.

Have a great Monday!

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