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“Sandberg’s definition of feminism begins and ends with the notion that it’s all about gender equality within the existing social system. From this perspective, the structures of imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy need not be challenged. And she makes it seem that privileged white men will eagerly choose to extend the benefits of corporate capitalism to white women who have the courage to ‘lean in.’ It almost seems as if Sandberg sees women’s lack of perseverance as more the problem than systemic inequality. Sandberg effectively uses her race and class power and privilege to promote a narrow definition of feminism that obscures and undermines visionary feminist concerns.”

bell hooks

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“Confidence, for me, has always been about judging myself in relation to my past self vs. judging myself against people whom I admire. I think it’s too easy to get discouraged if you look at the work of people with much more experience than yourself and compare your work to them. As long as you are continually improving month after month and year after year, it’s easier to confidently say “I’m getting better. I’m not the best, but no one is. We’re all constantly growing and improving.” Don’t look at something you made and think “this is shit”, think “this is so much better than the shit I was making last year”.”

Letterer Jessica Hische did an AMA on Designer News this morning and it’s chock-full of tidbits like this one on finding confidence.

Wall Gallery Inspiration

Happy Tuesday! I feel like I haven’t posted in ages! Things got super hectic at work so to make it up to you I thought I’d post something that always seems to be a crowd pleaser—gallery wall inspiration! Art is so personal and the type of artwork you choose for your home is bound to say a lot about you. A gallery wall is a creative way to showcase what you love and what moves you. I added the 7th and 8th photo to show that I’m not a total color-phobe haha. If your wall is pretty full, I’d keep the other walls in the room clean so the room can breathe. Love the grouping ideas presented in the last photo!

Photos via La Maison d’Anna G, Katie Bliss, Mustard and Sage


I’m trying to become a networker.

Editor’s note: I’m trying this thing where I write long-form personal articles to be published over the weekend. It’s important to me to know how to organize thoughts through written word and this project is me practicing out loud. It’s a big leap to share like this for me so I very much appreciate you reading!

You know those people who can talk to anyone and can consistently hook relevant people together? I know a few and am so grateful for their naturally chatty attitudes. Since starting to freelance my network has been at the top of my mind. I’ve found that the contacts I make through referrals are more strong and more likely to have a positive result than cold emails and replying to job boards. Having someone personally connect me to a potential job is the the quickest way to gain and actionable lead. So it’s been tough, these past few months, to realize that my network is smaller than I thought. Reflection has shown that I’m not good at gaining new contacts and following through on growing new relationships.

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